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minimum of 5 people
All poké bowls served with sashimi grade raw salmon
Avo Toasts, granola pots, chai puddings
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please specify any dietary requirements. We can change all options for Vegan friendly dishes (just specify how many below)

Poké Bowls

Our signature dish, poké meaning cubed. This healthy & delicious salad bowl consists of brown rice, mixed leaves, corn, carrot, red cabbage, raw sashimi grade salmon topped with sesame seeds, pickled ginger and our homemade poké sauce (spicy mayo)

Avo Toasts

The ultimate go to breakfast. Using locally made sourdough bread topped with crushed avocado and sprinkled in chilly flakes and pumpkin seeds

Granola / Chia Pots

Our granola and yogurt pots are a must for any breakfast style catering event. Delicious greek yogurt, berries & other fruits all served with locally made Crush Granola

Chia puddings are served with a range of fruits and seeds. Also perfect for any breakfast.

Raw Treats / Protein Balls

A selection of raw (vegan) treats will be provided for a perfect finisher to any catering event.

Protein balls made in house using a 100% natural pea protein. Rolled in cacao & desiccated coconut