Environmentally Friendly Body Scrub

Here at PONO Superfood Bar, we are making a conscious effort to live a more environmentally friendly life hopefully inspiring you to try and do the same.

We all know about certain ways that we can help the planet already like refusing plastic straws, buying your own reusable coffee cup, tote bags instead of plastic bags and a host of others that most of us already try to do. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a few other things that we use in our daily lives which can be super fun that might benefit you, your body and the planet.

We are starting this off with our PONO Coffee body exfoliator.

As the colder days are creeping in on a more frequent basis and winter starts to take over our skin can really take a hit. It can get dry, sometimes a little flakey and generally just loses that glow. Therefore it's important to regularly exfoliate leaving you with a much softer healthier looking skin. The team at PONO have come up with a homemade recipe in which you can reep the rewards of a good scrub without impacting the environment.

There are many scrubs out there on the high street that contain synthetics or microbeads which can get into the waterways and ultimately end up in the ocean and you all know what happens next once it's in the deep blue sea. This recipe not only takes away that risk but is also made with mostly recycled products and will save you money.

The PONO body scrub contains our very own ground coffee (used), coconut oil to moisturise, natural essential oils, cacao powder and Himalayan rock salt. The coffee contains caffeine which can stimulate bloodflow and minimise the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks as well as leaving your skin feeling soft and beautiful.


Ground coffee

Coconut oil

Natural essential oils (orange/lavender)

Himalyan rock salt

Cacao powder


1) Put ground coffee into a mixing bowl (if grounds are wet, let them dry out first)

2) Add a tbsp Coconut oil, small drop of essential oil, tsp of Himalayan salt and tsp of cacao powder.

3) Mix thoroughly together

4) Scoop into a recycled glass jar with airtight lid.


1) Dampen skin

2) Use small amounts and scrub in a circular motion (not too hard)

3) Leave for a few minutes

4) Rinse

NOTES: Because caffeine can be absorbed through the skin we recommend this to be used in the mornings.

If you do not have coffee ground yourself please feel free to come to PONO in Norwich (see address on contact page) and ask one of our friendly staff members for a FREE bag of ours.