Chelsea Lea MacColl (nutrition coach) & why the Poké Bowl is a nutritional powerhouse

Chelsea Lea MacColl (nutrition coach) & why the Poké Bowl is a nutritional powerhouse

Healthy really doesn’t have to be boring, especially salads. Salads often get a bad rap for not keeping you full, consisting of just leaves and other uninspiring ingredients.

Let me introduce to you to the Poké bowl - A Hawaiian delight of raw vegetables, rice, raw fish and delicious dressing. Healthy made easy, a dish that will excite your taste buds and keep your hunger pains at bay. Eat in PONO’s lovely little space or grab it to go if your in a hurry.


If you have never heard of Poké then let me tell you a little bit about it. Poké (pronounced poh-kay, rhymes with okey) literally means ‘to cut’ into pieces. Its a simple dish which Hawaiians use chopped seafood (usually tuna) marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil and mixed with onion. Nowadays you can find various versions of the poké bowl all brimming with goodness

So what are the health benifits?

The poké bowl is a nutritional power house, brimming full of vital vitemans and minerals, Omega 3’s, protein, fibre and healthy fats to help absorption of all that goodness. A perfectly well balanced bowl that makes for an easy lunch time decision. Its unprocessed, no additives, satisfying and a nourishing treat for your whole body, brain, heart, skin and nails.

We should be aiming to eat two portions of 140g of oily fish a week but according to research, the average consumption is 54g for adults in the UK. (2) Fish is a natural source of Omega 3’s and Vitamin D. Both of which are incredibly important for preventing and managing heart conditions, supporting the immune system and cognitive function, energy levels, mood, and the absorption of calcium.

The array of colours in the bowl ensures a variety of nutrients, making it beautiful to look at but more importantly keeping your tummy happy. Diets high in fibre help with reducing cholesterol, avoidance and management of disease and keeping blood sugar levels stable- keeping you fuller for longer and those afternoon slumps at bay.

So Tuna or Salmon (Tofu is also an option)

Tuna with its bight pinkish hue makes it aesthetically pleasing. Its lower in fat and therefore calories. Its also slightly higher in protein per 100g than salmon.

Salmon is more flavoursome and full of all the good fats, as those fatty acids are full of omega 3’s (10x more than tuna) which help reduce inflammation and are an essential nutrient in the diet. Omega 3’s help to support protein synthesis, which makes it a great choice if you are popping into PONO after exercising.

The Breakdown

At approximately 300 calories per bowl, it is a must have lunch time fix that’s not going to break your calorie allowances for the day. Its high in protein and full of fibre, so will keep you fuller for way longer than any meal deal would. Grab a smoothie to go alongside this (the Matha Splash is a great choice) to sip throughout and you would have met your fruit and veg intake, nourished your body, boosted your energy levels and be set until dinner time.

Aiming to gain a little weight? Grab one of PONO’s protein shakes to up those calories and carbs. Theres no need to dirty bulk when you can do it in a healthy and nutritious way. No matter what your goal, I promise that a lunchtime poké bowl is always a good decision.

My favourite is the poké bowl with extra ginger & an oat milk flat white.

Want to learn more about nutrition? Follow Chelsea on instagram @chelsealeanutrition or visit her website



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